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Bathroom Odor-proof Leak Core Silicone

USD 12.98 USD 11.64 -10%
White Blue
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Product Description

Bathroom Odor-proof Leak Core Silicone Shower Filter Down The Water Pipe Draininner Core Sewer Seal Leak Bathroom Accessories

Item details:

Color: Blue, white

Material: Plastic + Silicone

Specifications: Blue core three-piece set, white core three-piece set, blue core, white core, reducer ring

Package Included:

1PC *Deodorant

Bathroom-Odor-proof-Leak-Core-Silicone-Shower-Filter-Down-The-Water-Pipe-Draininner-Core-Sewer-Seal.jpg (1).jpg

H0cef1cd4bb0c4b4c92457511f9296c77g.jpgH57cdd220df404647965d43c0464d41354.jpgH2423d54a849148a2bfd1dd77324a9669S.jpgHba009098bf194ea7944d6706cae7286aX.jpgBathroom-Odor-proof-Leak-Core-Silicone-Shower-Filter-Down-The-Water-Pipe-Draininner-Core-Sewer-Seal.jpg (3).jpgBathroom-Odor-proof-Leak-Core-Silicone-Shower-Filter-Down-The-Water-Pipe-Draininner-Core-Sewer-Seal.jpg (4).jpg

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