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Sep. 10, 2020
This pillow gives very good support. When you lie down, you will hardly feel the pressure on your neck. You will feel the neck muscles are very relaxed, and then I deep sleep
Sep. 6, 2020
I have never used memory foam before so wasn't sure what it would be like.It's much nicer to the touch than I was expecting.It relieved my neck pain and made me sleep better,which made me very satisfied.
Sep. 3, 2020
I had my doubts about this pillow.. But after 1 night of getting used to it I now wouldn't be without it. Such a comfortable pillow lying sideways or on my back. No neck pain, and I wake feeling refreshed. Definitely helped stop me tossing and turning all night and improved my quality of sleep.
Sep. 3, 2020
I bought this pillow on the recommendation of a friend. I was very satisfied.I was able to sleep deeply with the this pillow and woke up rested
Sep. 1, 2020
The pillow's special style, I used it to fit it for three days. Cloud style, contoured for optimum support with head, arms, shoulders and back, my sleep quality has significantly improved after ten nights. In your physical health, sleep plays a very important role. A good evening's sleep will rejuvenate every part of your body. Recommend!!!
Aug. 30, 2020
Memory pillow - its super comfortable. I just love sleeping on them. I get neck pain from normal pillows so thought would have a go with this one, and it works just like a miracle! My neck pain went away straight away!!